News – AKC2014

The AsiaPacific-Korea Conference (AKC) is an Asia-Pacific chapter of the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) and aims to promote scientific and technological collaboration between Asia-Pacific and Korea. AKC 2014 is proceeding in the footsteps of three previous AKC meetings held in Japan (2008), China (2009) and Singapore (2013). AKC 2014 offers excellent opportunities for collaboration and knowledge transfer amongst academic leading scientists, engineers, and companies from Korea and the Asia-Pacific. At AKC 2014, you will meet the people who lead prime science and technology. As a result, we hope to lead and manage government programs, create business and job opportunities in the future.

AKC 2014 with the theme of ‘Creation and Innovation in Asia-Pacific’ is held at the Hilton Sydney hotel which is located in Sydney CBD, Australia from November 20 to 22, 2014. AKC 2014 focuses on basic science, emerging technology and industry technology in areas Mechanical Engineering, Biological and Medical Science, Information Science and Technology, Civil and Built Environment Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering. Significant research findings, R&D trends, and future prospects of sciences and technologies are included.

We invite you to submit a paper presenting your technical solutions, advancements, and knowledge at AKC 2014. The symposiums, forums, workshops, exhibits, and poster sessions are all designed to facilitate your interaction with the other conference participants.

We would like to thank the sponsors and mentors for their encouragement and support.

Mira Park: AKC2014 Chair, KASEA (Australasia) President
Boo Sup Lee: AKC2014 Co-Chair, KOFST President
Jung Kook Hong: AKC2014 Co-Chair, KSEA-J (Japan) President
Cui Jiongmo: AKC2014 Co-Chair, KCSEA (China) Chairman
Ho Sup Yoon: AKC2014 Co-Chair, KSEASG (Singapore) President

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